I find myself answering the same question from many of my patients.  It usually goes something like this. “I feel so much better, do I need to come back?”  Well according to  a recent study on Chiropractic, it sure seems like it would be a good idea.

The research showed that treatment 3 times a week for 4 weeks significantly reduced back pain (we already knew this). Then they divided that group and half of them were released to return in 9 months and the other half received continued care 2 times per month for 9 months. The group with monthly care continued to improve through the 9 months. The other group slowly increased in pain levels and were almost as bad as when they started at the 9 month checkup.

Remember pain is only a symptom and a lot of the time is the last one to show up and the first one to go away. The goal at Valley Chiropractic is to correct the problem not  just squash the symptom.

Dr. Daniel Knight


The Truth About Chiropractors

I originally came across this article while on the Fox News website.  It looks like they borrowed it from Details magazine.  It turns out that celebrities need the benefits of chiropractic too.  Enjoy.

Dr. Daniel Knight, DC

Making a visit to the back doctor could help you stave off injury, reach your fitness goals, and be pain-free. Here’s what you need to know about the joys of being manipulated.

Photograph by Adam Voorhes
March 2013 Issue

Chiro’s resurgence is being fueled by high-powered CEOs, Hollywood studio execs, and A-listers—mostly via concierge services in their homes or offices or on movie sets.

“A patient of mine asked if I would leave my practice and travel around the world with him to treat him,” says Los Angeles–based Brad Fazekas, D.C.

The paparazzi snapped Leonardo DiCaprio leaving a chiropractic office in New Orleans; Kim Kardashian tweeted, “Chiropractors really are life savers. . . . I’m obsessed!;”and Jessica Alba is reportedly a fan.

Why they’re doing it
Because it’s not just about easing back problems. Karen Erickson, D.C., a spokesperson for the American Chiropractic Association, says, “Besides relief of muscle soreness and pain, patients often report an overall feeling of well-being and reduced stress.” Getting straightened out can have benefits for both your sedentary life and your gym performance

When you’re always on the computer or an i-whatever, the upper back starts to round,” Fazekas says. “We can correct that.” And because you’re eliminating stiffness and pain, you will be able to work out harder.How it works
Chiropractors ease muscle pain by unlocking stiff joints.”We restore range of motion, and that will stop the nerve irritation and release any muscles that are in spasm,” says Erickson, who adds that the chiropractic “pop” is caused by a change in pressure in the joint. “It’s like pulling the cork on a bottle of champagne,” she says.

You should feel immediate relief with most issues, although some take at least three to four treatments to get results. Chiropractors also recommend occasional check-ins.